Project Keep Pushing - 2018
樂隊 tfvsjs 鼓手 Anton Fung 與導演黃進聯手監製音樂影像企劃【PROJECT KEEP PUSHING】,聯合新銳導演黃飛鵬、陳安瑤、盧鎮業等多位導演,以 tfvsjs 的 6 首純音樂展開影像創作,配以 Anton Fung 重新編鼓及現場錄音,創造出 6 段風格迴異的聲畫創作,並完整紀錄當中音樂與流動影像相互啟發與挑戰的創作歷程。
鼓手:Anton Fung
片長:EP1: 7'10" EP4: 7'33" EP6: 5'38"分鐘

Project Keep Pushing - 2018
【PROJECT KEEP PUSHING】 is a project that focuses on the crossover between music and cinematography, produced by Anton Fung, drummer of tfvsjs and director Wong Chun. Together with other uprising local directors including Wong Fei Pang, Annebell Chan, Lo Chun Yip etc., and by exploiting different cinematic shooting styles, live drum rearrangements / recording, and documenting all that happens behind the scenes, hope to transform 6 of tfvsjs’ songs and bring about a new visual and audio experience for our audience, as well as showcasing our full expedition behind this project.
Director: Wong Fei Pang, Annebell Chan, Lo Chun Yip, Wong Chun
Drummer:Anton Fung
Duration: EP1: 7'10" EP4: 7'33" EP6: 5'38"mins
Category: NA